Many things have changed since we met and started working together… it was 2005 and we were undergrad students at the University of São Paulo (Brazil), with no idea about the capitalism crisis that has shown its face stronger and stronger after 2008. That time our artworks were pointing to some art system issues in a very endogenous way, somehow disconnected from non artistic questions.

Around 2010, during our master degree in Visual Arts, we moved slowly into a discussion around academic freedom of thinking and then into a more political approach around some economical contradictions that has leaded our country right to this deep political crisis we are living right now.

From other point of view, some particular materials and devices have always caught our attention and worked as a starting point for some artworks: old electronic spare parts, raw materials or alternative topics like Instrumental Transcommunication are examples of this.

After Sergio’s doctorate in 2015 we started collaborating with other public universities and decided to move from São Paulo to Campo Grande city, near the border with Bolivia. A completely new experience for us, 1000Km far from home, but a very intense expansion of  our art practice.

The submitted project for this Recontres Internationales call is an intersection from all that was said above.