Based on the original schematics from the Etch a Sketch patent (image above), the proposed object will work as the following:

01) smartphones running tracking application sends user’s positions every minute;

02) web server database keeps user’s track;

03) local computer (inside artwork) downloads constantly user’s displacement;

04) step-motors are activated by the computer to draw graphics based on user’s GPS data.

The map will probably look as the sample above and the drawing mechanism will be visible when the aluminum powder covering gets very scratched inside (image bellow).

Our plan is to build as much as possible the object in Baku using LASER cutting services for plexiglass parts; electronic parts/devices (Raspberry PI, step-motors and motor board) will be previously tested and already programmed. The final result will be close to the sketch bellow:


Ohira+Bonilha (mar2018)


Few years ago we’ve made a similar artwork in São Paulo City (Brazil) to start a discussion about cyclist’s safety among cars. An APK (available for download here ) was writen by Andrei Thomaz & Vitor Andrioli for tracking a bicycle that was available for the exhibition visitors.


A desk with a computer inside, controlling an Arduino and 02 step motors, produced the drawing. It was visible at a glass installed at the tabletop; the mechanism was very similar to the present proposal.


We got little unhappy about the final result due to the size limitations… Hope someday we can produce a larger version.